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WATCH: Guy Creates Makeshift Gym Equipment With Clay and Sticks in This Amazing Video

Being fit is an important aspect of life. Many health scientists and nutritionists have attested to the importance of working out and going to the gym. But what if we don’t have enough budget to pay for gym membership? This guy helps us solve this problem through this viral clip.

We first see a guy sitting on a makeshift bench. He had not shirt on but was wearing a denim pair of shorts. We see him lifting some weights through what looked like some gym equipment. But if you examine it closely, you would see that the equipment he uses is made of resources that he can find around him.

We then get to see that there is more than one gym equipment in the area. It was complete with dumbbells and barbells; it even had a good working treadmill. All of these equipment were made out of natural resources that one can find in the forest. Though the setting looked quite primitive, the man was able to create a way to have his own gym.

First, he digs a hole in which he can put wood that he will set fire to. This will be some sort of oven or furnace which he will use to heat and bake the clay that he will mold later on. He creates another hole so that the smoke and heat from the fire will have a passage to the clay.

Then, he molds pieces of clay into several rounds varying in sizes, and tests the similarity of its weights through balancing them on a piece of wooden stick. Once he got the correct weights, he creates several more and flattens them to a thick disc-like figure. Afterwards, he creates another form of weights by molding rectangular ones that looked like big bricks.

After he has done this, he takes the molded clay into the hole he dug up, covered it with wooden sticks, hay, and clay, and heats it with fire. The fire was left on for overnight, so the weights inside the makeshift oven could be fully baked into hard and sturdy ones.

The following day, he takes several pieces of wood from the forest and turns them into other parts of the gym equipment. He puts the sticks together to create benches, railings, and frames for the equipment. He then takes bamboos to create his makeshift treadmill, and sets it up in an angular position.

Once the clay was baked, he placed the bricks into one of the equipment he created, while the disks were put on sticks to make dumbbells and barbells. Just like that, and voila, he has a fully working gym which he doesn’t have to pay monthly membership to.

Watch Video Here:

Primitive Made Gym

This is really impressive 👏

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