Guy Bursts Into Funny Dance To Avoid Being Involved In A Street Fight

Have you ever experienced walking into a bar with the intention of just chilling and relaxing, and all of a sudden, a brawl starts between men? Yes, that irritating feeling of having to experience those kinds of fist fights within the same area where you were supposed to unwind. It is a pain in the rear end, but in a viral video, we are showed how these fist fights could be avoided in the most unusual manner.

The video starts with a commotion. Everything was happening so fast that the camera was getting blurred with every movement of the people in front of it. However, despite the camera’s shaky movement, we are able to make out parts of the scene.

We see a big guy wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of loose pants being carried out of an building that looked like a daytime bar. We see that another big guy was carrying him outside. The guy who was carrying him was wearing a black shirt and was extremely muscular. He looked like he was a bouncer for the building.

With the camera following the commotion, we are taken to the outside of the building were a huge, almost full parking lot was. The bouncer put the guy down and posed as if he was getting ready for a fist fight. But much to our surprise, the guy in the white sleeveless shirt responded in the most bizarre way.

He started dancing in a very weird manner, and starts marching like a cartoon in front of the bouncer. He even motions to his crotch and just fooled around, going back and forth to the bouncer as if taunting him to get in a fight with him. To this, the bouncer responded with gestures that looked like he was ready to pVnch the guy.

But the guy in white just kept on doing these weird movements. He looked like one of those cartoon characters whenever they would fool around and burst into dance moves. You could see him marching all around looking like he was walking like Donald Duck in one of Looney Toons’ episodes.

He even does some hops and skips in a very dance-y manner, and then faces the bouncer and does hip thrusts back and forth. After which, he goes back to his crazy and weird marching, with his body almost swaying side to side, until he finally stormed off the area.

Many netizens have found this video rather weird and bizarre, but there’s no denying the fact that a lot of people also had a good laugh about this. We may not understand the full context of what exactly had happened between these guys, but this dancing man just gave us a perfect tactic to avoid fist fights.

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la vida es un riesgo carnal 😂😂

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