Disappearing Act Gone Wrong As Boys Get Scolded By Their Dad After Pretending They Can’t See Him

Pranks can be a really good source of good vibes for those who are watching the recorded versions of it. But that feeling isn’t always true for the people being pranked. Just like the father in this viral video.

The video opens with a middle-aged man. He was on a full Arab costume. He was wearing a full white thobe and on his head was a head gear that was also of Arabic origin. To his right, was his old dad sitting on a white chair. He was also wearing a thobe, all white with linings of green and orange. He had eye glasses, and on his head was a white head gear.

Behind the camera, we can hear another member of the family talking to the son and the dad. Apparently, they were supposed to pull the disappearing prank on him. In this prank, people are made to believe that they have vanished into thin air. They even use a photo that was taken ahead of time to fool the person and make them believe that they are really invisible even in the photos.

In this video, the son started the prank by taking a small blanket that was on the floor. It was a maroon blanket that had golden flowers printed on them. He raises the blanket high enough to cover his father, and drops it in a very majestic way, much the same as how we see it done in circuses.

The boys then act as if the father had disappeared after the blanket was dropped. Though in a different language, we can tell by context clues that they were trying to act as if they were amazed that the father disappeared. And of course to complete the whole charade, the boy asked his brother to take a photo of him with the father.

He stands next to the chair, leans a bit forward toward his dad and props both of his thumbs up. The guy behind the camera then acts as if he was really taking a picture, and hands it back to the boy. Of course they still acted amazed that there was no dad in the photo.

The father then tries to get a glimpse of photo taken, and upon seeing that he wasn’t there in the picture, and that all it had was an empty chair, he just didn’t believe it. He probably couldn’t take the fact that his sons were trying to make a fool out of him, so he goes on and swings his hand until it landed on his sons face.

The guy behind the camera was just having a good laugh at it, and upon realizing that he might experience the same treatment from his father, he just ran away from the scene.

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Don't mess with arab parents 😂😂

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