Teacher Gives Students Money As A Reward For Having High Test Marks

Teachers are blessings to all of us. They are bearers of knowledge and our source of wisdom apart from our parents. And while their only job is to educate us within the realms of our schools, some teachers really take to heart their vocation and goes the extra mile for their students, just like this Thai teacher in this video.

We initially see a teacher in front of the classroom. We know that it was a classroom because of the presence of the chalkboard with mathematical formulas written on its surface. We also see a teacher wearing a royal blue blouse. In front of her was a wooden desk with a thick stash of cash bundled together by rubber bands.

Next to her, a long line of students awaits. They were all in their school uniforms, waiting for their turn to submit their test papers to the teacher. It started with one girl. She handed her test results to the teacher. The teacher examines it, and seemingly pleased with the number she sees, she grabs a couple of bills from her stash of cash and gives it to the student.

It went on like this until the end of the video. Apparently, there was a corresponding cash reward for having high test marks in this teacher’s class. It was apparent on how she gave different amounts to the students after looking at their test papers.

It is safe to assume that the higher the test scores were, the higher the cash reward the student received. This has probably has happened a lot as she prepared a lot of money to give away to her students. This also means, that this reward system works for the class as everyone seemed to have high scores in their tests.

We later learn that the teacher’s name is Lan Huong, and that she is known in their school to be the teacher who rewards cash for high marks. It is a rather generous way of motivating her students to exert a little more effort in their studies.

As we see in the video, her methods seem to be working. True enough, if you are a kid, with no source of income other than your allowance, this sort of reward system would be really good, especially if you are trying to earn for something you want to buy. Not only that, you are also earning high grades that would look very impressive in your records.


While many netizens have expressed their disapproval of this method, saying that this is not how a professional teacher should do it, Lan Huong still needs some positive recognition for going the extra mile to motivate her students. Nowadays, its hard to find teachers who would do such.

Watch The Video Below:


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