Ghost Pranks In India Are Way Extreme Than All Other Pranks We See Online

We know India has its own brand of entertainment. We see how different their humor and theatrics are in Bollywood movies. But what we are unaware of, is how extremely dedicated and effortful they are in producing prank videos, just like in this compilation.

In this video compilation, we see a lot of footages wherein people are sc4red off by a team pulling on ghost pranks to random bystanders or people in the street. It begins with a guy who has left his bicycle at the side of the road, so he could take a pee on the side of the street. Then, a lady with extremely long hair, dressed in all white tries to take away his bike and runs off with it.

Next, we see a group of guys innocently walking down the road in the middle of the night. Their faces were blurred out, probably because they did not want to be recognized after this embarrassing video. So there they were just minding their own business, and walking home. Until a white car comes from behind them, and on top of its hood sat a lady in a full white dress. Her long hair covering her whole face, trying to scare the guys.

She gets off the car and tries to prank these men. Of course, the men tried to run away from the lady, but she also started running and chasing the guys. One of the men tried to run to the opposite direction, but much to his surprise, he was met by another ghost lady riding the bicycle, approaching him.

Another footage showed us a girl, all alone walking in an empty road. To her side was a white car that was parked at the side of the road. Just as she passes the car, its trunk opened and it revealed another ghost lady ready to give her the sc4re. The girl did not notice it at first, but the moment she glanced behind her, she saw what was trying to get her attention and ran away.

Other clips in the compilation even showed taking this prank to the next level. It involved the pranksters hiding in a huge pile of sand waiting for someone to fall v1ct1m to their sc4re tactics. There were even others who hid under abandoned buses with doll babies as their bait to lure their prospects.

This video has caught a lot of attention online and has also been shared numerous times to different social media platforms. Netizens, on the other hand, had mixed reactions to this video, but most of them were concerned about the health issues these pranks could cause other people.

Watch The Video Below:

Super Funny Ghost Prank by The Japes

Maiihi ka sa kakatawa 👻 😀 😀 😀 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!🎃…WARNING: On a serious note, though the video is really funny, like what the video said at the end, it is very risky. If you're going to do some pranks, do it safely and don't do it to old people.Video credit: The JAPES, no copyright infringement intended.#comedy #funny #ghostprank #prank #scaryprank #scary #halloween #funnyprank

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