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Dog Acts As Personal Service Dog To Another Blind Dog And Its Adorable

Normally, service dogs are provided to those people in need. Whether they need an animal to act as their companion, or to call for help when they are able, dogs are the domesticated animals commonly used as service pets. But dogs are just like humans and sometimes, they too, need some service animals by their side. Just like these dogs we spotted in a viral video.

The video opens with a scene in what appeared to be a hotel. Two dogs were at the top of the stairs and we can see them being joined together by a connected leash. They differed in breeds as one was a Golden Retriever named Ginger, and the other was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Kimchi.

In the video, we could see that between the dogs, Kimchi looked not as nimble and energetic as we would expect normal dogs to be. While we would think of dogs to be running down the stairs whenever they get an opportunity to, these dogs took it one step at a time.

We later learned that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was not at its prime anymore. Kimchi has gotten old and could no longer see. This was the reason why Ginger was tied to her in the first place. As it turns out, Ginger was actually a service dog for his fellow canine.

Evidently, Ginger takes the lead in climbing down the stairs. He hops on one step down, and waits for Kimchi to follow his lead. This way, he is able to guide Kimchi on their way down to the bottom of the stairs. Quite adorably, they take the stairs one step at a time as you hear their owners call out to them as they descend the platform.

According to the owners, Ginger became Kimchi’s guide dog unintentionally. They were initially looking for another dog to be Kimchi’s companion, but she rejected all other dogs. And then one day, they tried to connect Kimchi’s leash to Ginger just so they could leave her without wandering off to somewhere.

Surprisingly, the two got along very well and the Golden Retriever instinctively guided the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as they walked. As told by their owners, they didn’t expect that Ginger would start leading Kimchi to where they’re supposed to go as they have only been introduced to each other that day.

Since then, the pair never goes anywhere without the other by its side. They are normally taken to nursing homes and institutions for people with special needs as they provide the comfort that these people need.

Watch The Video Below:

Blind Dog Has Guide Dog

This blind dog has his personal service dog to help guide him around 🐶❤️

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