Do-It-Yourself: How to make your own swimming pool at the top of your house?

Have you ever thought of building your own swimming pool at the top of your house? If yes, you might want to check out this do-it-yourself viral video tutorial on Facebook.
Based on the four-minute do-it-yourself viral video tutorial taken from a Facebook page “Viral TRND,” you can now build your own swimming pool at the top of your house without merely using any equipment.

As seen in the footage, the two men first looked for a good spot wherein they will build the swimming pool. Then, they gathered some fresh cut tree trunks on the forest. This will be later used to build the house’s framework.

Soon after collecting it, the two men started to construct the small house. They carefully placed each tree trunks. First, the two men build a strong foundation by placing every tree trunk deep into the ground. Then, they eventually finished the ceiling of the small house by putting a bamboo cuts at the top of it.

How, in order to make the base of the swimming pool, the two men put mud at the top of the small house. They also put dried long grasses at the side to serve as the walls of the mini house.

After building the mini house, the two men covered it with mud. But before they even started to assemble the swimming pool, they mold the mud first into bricks. The two men then put those brick-shaped mud into the flame so that it will all thicken and solidify.

Watch video here:

Build Swimming pool on top of the House.

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Posted by Viral TRND on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

After making a handful of it, the two men started to build a swimming pool at the top of the house. They carefully placed every brick in order to create an empty receptacle. In the end, the two men successfully build a swimming pool of their own.


Source: Facebook

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