The Bachelor Vietnam Exits The Competition And Professes Her Love To Another Contestant In This Shocking Video

Reality shows are such a big thing for many television viewers from all over the world, mainly because they feature real people and spontaneous reactions. But a part of the reason why they are so successful is the unexpected drama that happens in them.

In a shocking turn of events, The Bachelor Vietnam has managed to get the attention of many people from different corners of the world with its recent episode. The video has circulated through many social media platform, with most of its shares from different Facebook netizens.

The video starts with the elimination part of The Bachelor Vietnam where a contestant, Minh Thu is bidding farewell to the show, and to the bachelor as she was not given a piece of rose. This means that the bachelor, named Nguyen Quoc Trung, did not give Minh Thu a rose. This only shows that she was not selected as one of the women who would be moving forward with the search.

But as Minh Thu delivers her final speech, we were in for a shock. She tells Quoc Trung that she went into the competition to find love, and that she was lucky to have actually found that love for herself. Unfortunately, that love was not for Quoc Trung, but for someone else.

After saying these words, she walks back to the end of the room where the rest of the other contestants were and comes up to one of the contestants, Truc Nhu who was actually given a piece of rose by the bachelor. Minh Thu hugs her and tells her to come home with her, and they exchange tearful looks.

Truc Nhu then walks up front and faces the bachelor. She seemed very moved with the whole scenario that has just unfolded in front of her. She talks to Quoc Trung and tells him that she is really sorry. She went on and told him that she really wanted to get to know him, especially because he was someone who have made her feel special, something that Truc Nhu has not felt in quite a long time.

Quoc Trung, surprised by this major plot twist in the show, was surprisingly calm and still managed to respond professionally to Truc Nhu. He tells her that she should really think of what she’s about to do because he wants her to have no regrets.

The video ended with the two women walking out of the elimination venue, but we have since learned that Truch Nhu had talked to Minh Thu and have decided to take back the rose and stay with the competition.

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