Magical Woman On Side Walk Floats On Air, Amazes People Passing By

A video of a magical woman is now making some noise online because of its mind-boggling visuals. In it, we see a woman levitate in an unexplainable way.

A lot of people were passing through this street side walk. There were shops and stores all over it, and it seemed like a busy day for the community. But it seems like they weren’t busy enough to just ignore the show this magical lady put on for them.

In the beginning of the video, we see a woman positioned on the side of the street. She had a small space where she does this act that claims to have amazed many who has seen it. She had laid a little rectangular red carpet, complete with tassels on its corners. It resembled the magic carpet that Aladdin and Jasmine rode on while they sang “A Whole New World.”

She also had a thin cushion of some sort, some kind of square pillow with round corners and exotic prints on them. She wore a rather magical outfit, too. She had a flower circlet on her head, her hair was braided and was pushed to one side of her face.

She was wearing a velvety navy blue dress coupled by puffy white shorts that were obviously made of satin. She also had some printed scarf wrapped around her torso, spanning from her left hand to her right, which was resting on top of a staff.

She seemed to be leaning on this staff as she performed some magical movements that almost made her look as if she was dancing. She gracefully moves her hands and arms in circular motions, stretching them from one place to another as if reaching for the skies. And then she moves her legs and taps her left foot from one corner of the carpet to the other.

She does this a couple more times with a facial expression so mysterious, you will not be able to tell if she was muttering some prayers or some chants that would help her do her final act. And then some more hand movements and dancelike feet taps, until finally the unexplainable happened. She started levitating.

There she was, holding her staff, floating a couple of feet from the ground. She still moved so gracefully. It even looked like she was moving under water with how slowly and precisely she moved in the air. She waddles her feet and we can clearly see that nothing was supporting her legs. She was just floating.

Many netizens were amazed by this, while many also called it out for just being a trick. A magical illusion of some sort, as people say that there was in no way this woman was actually flying. How about you? What do you think of this act?

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Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Sunday, September 23, 2018

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