WATCH: Adorable baby belts out how blessed he is!

Babies are indeed one of the most fascinating things to watch. They amaze almost everyone with how well they absorb and learn the things around them and each action they do does not go unnoticed.

Videos of babies doing even the smallest of tasks have been going viral on social media platforms for years. Whether it is a video of a proud parent showing off their baby saying their first words or a video showing a baby being nice and kind in this world, it is guaranteed to touch the hearts of many social media users.

And a video of a baby sitting in his car seat in a stationary car, singing to the tune of “Better than Blessed” by Louise “Candy” Davis is another proof of this.

In the one – minute and 18 second video, the adorable baby fearlessly praised the Lord and sang along about how blessed he is with his mother and their stereo. The baby got all the lyrics right and even got the pitch of the song perfectly.

The adorable video may have been posted over two years ago but it still goes around social media, blessing many user’s feeds and timelines. The video has gained millions of views and hundreds and thousands of reactions, shares, and comments as well.

Some users were more concerned about the car seat of the child pointed out that it is not facing the right way, completely overlooking the sweet baby’s rendition of the song; but there were many more users who defended the child and his beautiful piece.

“People get over yourselves, this has nothing to do with the child Seat. It’s showing a child praising the Lord, I really respect parents that show their children love, and teaches them about the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ,” one netizen said.

“Ah music! Is there anything better throughout our lives? For me, his/ her face is showing the feeling of being part of “something bigger and very important” when singing and sharing so concentrated. Its great!” another netizen said.

“What a beautiful child! This proves that loving, faith filled people don’t just happen randomly. They’re loved, nurtured and taught. Bless this family and I hope these parents relish every moment with adorable child of God,” one user said.

“How old is this little boy? He is so cute and precious!! Then he opens his mouth to sing and WOW!!! How amazing!!!! Hallelujah!!! Such talent as such a young age. He is being raised correctly!!” another user said.

What did you think of the video and the baby’s heartwarming song? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Watch The Video Below:

This is too good not to post.

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