Man Goes Home to a Sleeping Stranger in His House

A man reaches home to find someone who is a stranger to him sleeping in his bed. A video of this got the attention of thousands of netizens around the world.

The video seemed to be taken from another country as the home owner and the stranger both speak in English and the stranger who is seen in the entire video looks a lot like a foreigner.

The guy who owns the house took a video of the stranger while conversing with him, trying to wake the guy up and tell him he got in the wrong house and proving it to him.

In the beginning of the video, he started by asking the stranger a bunch of things.

“Do you who I am? Do you know where you are?”

“Apparently you’re some sugar or some ****.”

“No, dude. You’re in completely the wrong house. You’ve never seen me before in your life. I’ve never seen you before.”

But the stranger just answered, “I really just wanna go to sleep.”

And then, the stranger started saying random things like, “You know my brother,” so the guy asks for his brother’s name and he says a name that the guy, as he claims, hasn’t even heard ever in his life. The stranger then continues to claim that he is in his bed and he doesn’t know what this guy is talking about. The real owner of the house seems to be finding this incident quite hilarious, though, since his chuckles can be heard in the video while he is talking to the drunk man.

As he continued having the conversation with this stranger, he realizes that this guy is drunk and that he actually believes that he is in his own house, in his own room, in his own bed. But as the real owner of the house uncovers him from the sheets and convinces him to get up and see the rest of the house, the stranger started to feel freaked out saying, “This is so weird,” more than once, and asking where his shoes were, realizing that he is actually in the wrong house!

However, the guy was surprisingly hospitable enough to ask Mr. Stranger if he wanted to sleep on another bed in a different room in his house and stay for the night until he gets sober the next morning. The drunk man approves of his offer by saying, “You know, honestly, I’ll sleep in my bed tomorrow night.” The kind house owner responses by saying, “I got you, brother. No worries.” The two guys even told each other, “it was nice meeting you.”

This could be the most hilarious stranger-in-a-house encounters one could ever have. Who would welcome a stranger who just barged in his house like that? It would feel nice to be kind to others, though. However, we should always still consider our safety and security, for not all the time we can trust anybody.

Watch Video Here:

Guy Finds Drunk Stranger In His Bed

Lad finds a drunk stranger asleep in his bed…this is too funny 😂😂

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