Last Visit: Convicted father meets his daughter’s corpse outside his detention cell

Life inside a detention cell really means punishment especially because it strippsoff the privilege of freedom from the convicts. In order to pay for their mistake, they have to suffer most from having a limited time to see their loved ones. For this convicted father, it seemed like he experienced the worst verdict. For the last time, the cold corpse of his daughter visited outside his detention cell.

A netizen captured the tear-jerking video of the last visit of the daughter placed inside the white coffin. As seen in the clip, three men carried her towards the small window of the penitentiary. On the other side was her father who was waiting to see the body of his beloved child.

To make things more devastating, the grieving father could only look from a near distance. Other people witnessed the heartbreaking scene and crowded around the father and daughter.

They suggested to open the upper part of the casket so he could take a glance on the peaceful face of the daughter. With this, loud cries could be clearly heard from the video. Most probably, he wasn’t allowed to visit the wake or even see her interment.

Correctional facilities are known for being very strict when it comes to allowing visitors inside. If people couldn’t easily come and go inside the area, then it was more problematic to make it happen for the father’s late daughter.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their disappointment to the lack of consideration of the management of the penitentiary. Some said that they should have let him personally send off his daughter. Moreover, the father should at least say goodbye in a more solemn manner unlike what occurred during the father and daughter’s final meeting.

Watch The Video Below:

Posted by Louren Garcia Vicente on Friday, September 21, 2018

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