Boy in Wedding Entourage Kisses Flower Girl When Photographer Says “Kiss” To Bride And Groom

Weddings are a huge milestone in everyone’s life. As a celebration of love, this event is cemented into the minds of those couples who commit to each other in front of the church and the public. But sometimes, things happen that make things more memorable, just like this recent viral video.

The video opens with a view of the front of the church. A wedding has obviously just finished and it was now time for the group to take photos altogether. Like the usual set up, the bride and the groom, wearing their respective bridal gown and white three-piece suit, were standing in the middle.

To the side of the girl were the women who are part of the processional, composed of the bride’s maid and two other women. They were wearing yellow, green, and pink dresses with flower circlets on their heads. To the side of the groom, were three men; the best man, and two other guys. They were all wearing the same color of vest, with a white long-sleeved shirt under it and a pair of lilac pants.

In front of the bride and the groom were two kids, a boy and a girl who looked like mini counterparts of the men and women as they were wearing almost the same look as them. From behind the camera, we can hear the photographer instructing the group as they are about to take a group photo before they proceed to the reception of the wedding.

“Closer. Come on, a bit more compressed. Yes, like that. Closer,” he instructs the group, and the group moves closer to each other and they scoot tighter to fit the frame. Seemingly satisfied with how the group was positioned he tells them that he will be taking a photo in the count of three and instructs the bride and groom to kiss each other once he yells “Kiss!”

The kids on the front were asked to cover their eyes so that they could take a funny picture of the bride and groom kissing while the kids were trying not to look at them. The camera pans from left to side, showing us that there were actually more people in the scene in than we initially saw.

And then the countdown began. The camera man yells out his numbers and instructs the couple to kiss. But in a surprising turn of events, the boy at the front kisses the girl in front of her instead of covering his eyes like he was instructed. He probably thought that they were to kiss too upon the camera man’s instructions.

The people of the processional had a good laugh about this, and it probably contributed in making this momentous event more remarkable.

Watch Video Here:

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