Big Shark Washes On The Shore, People On The Beach Helped Keep It Alive And Pulls It Back To The Ocean

When it comes to the oceans and the seas, we always hear of news about the creatures underwater. Either we hear of new species being discovered, or we hear of the different human waste that affect their habitat. This time, however, in this viral video, we see one of the greatest animals of the see being helpless on the shores of a beach.

The video starts with a scene of the beach. A ton of people have gathered in the background, where the huge waves are washing to the shore. There were also a lot more people than you would normally see on the beach. And once you realize what was happening, you will get to understand why the people have flocked to the shore.

In front of the screen, we see a small pool like hole that the people have dug. A small group has also gathered around it and they seem to be taking buckets of water and dumping them into the small shallow pool. In the pool, we see a huge shark almost out of breath, striving for its life.

The shark seemed to have washed ashore due to the strong current of the sea. The shark may also have been injured causing it to lose track of where it’s going washing up ashore. Since there was no water where it washed up, it was gasping for breath and was at the brink of leaving life.

Behind the pool where the shark rested, we also see a thick line of people who were making some sort of canal connected to the pool. While they were digging the canal, the group who were at the pool kept on throwing buckets of water to the shark so that they could keep it alive.

Once the canal was finished, one of the people in the group took the tail of the shark and pulled it away from the pool, to the canal, and then to the waters of the sea. As they pulled the shark back to the water, the people lined up looked like the teeth of a zipper being parted by a pull tab. We could also hear the people cheering as the shark was taken back to its natural habitat.

While sharks are normally considered by many people as d4nger0us, our faith in humanity was restored by this video as the people really took care of the shark during the time that it needed help.

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Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Sunday, September 23, 2018

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