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Kid Eats With His Expensive Shoes, Smells It To Serve as Main Dish To Go With His Rice

In the Philippines, moms have a very interesting way of putting words together. Whenever they try to teach their kids lessons, they come up with the weirdest and most bizarre things to tell their kids. To making their children believe that they will be taken by other people if they don’t sleep during the afternoon, to telling them that swallowing seeds would lead to twigs and branches growing out of your bodies, name it, they have a weird way of explaining it.

Probably one of the most popular lines Filipino moms tell their children is this: “Makakain mo ba yan?” which loosely translates to “Can you eat that?” Another version of this also goes like, “Ipapakain ko sa’yo yan” which means “I’ll let you eat that.”

These words are normally uttered towards children whenever they get hooked to something that they seem to have no care about the world around them. For example, if a teenage kid is on his phone all the time and they don’t pay attention to what their moms tell them, their mother’s will tell them “You’re always on your phone. I’ll make you eat that!”

In other times, the phrases could also be used when kids spend a lot of their money on something really expensive. These things are normally those material stuff that you really can’t eat. Thus, the mothers would always ask their kids why they buy these things and tell them, “Can you eat that?” The phrase probably comes from the old times when people struggled to have food on their plate, that luxuries are considered a waste as the money could be used to put food on the table instead.

In this recent viral video, we see a young teenager living up to this very phrase. In the video, we initially see a teenage guy wearing a sleeveless plain white top. He was at the dining room and was seated in front of the table. He had a huge plate of rice in front of him but nothing to go with it.

We then realize that on his left hand, he was actually holding an expensive pair of shoes. It was plain white with gold accents to it. It looked very expensive. As the guy scoops a spoonful of rice from the plate, he sniffs the shoe as if it was a main dish that goes with rice as its side.

A lot of people have found this extremely funny, causing them to tag their friends and share them on their newsfeeds.

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Mama: Mahal mahal ng sapatos mo, makakain ba yan? Me:

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