Hilarious video of a guy falling on his back while working out by the beach goes viral

Many people will agree that the pain one will experience from a breakup is definitely the most painful thing that one can experience. The emotional heartbreak that people feel in relationships may be a different kind of pain, but nonetheless, physical pain still hurts as much.

At the start of this viral video, everything seemed to be perfect. The mood was almost as relaxing as it looked. The angle of the camera was good, the silhouette of the guy was perfectly captured, and the view of the beach was simply beautiful.

However, few seconds in and you will be caught off guard at what will happen unexpectedly!
The video featured a guy who was showcasing his fit body – more specifically, his upper body strength. He was pulling himself up and was swinging side to side so elegantly that you will actually be really amazed a few seconds in.

This guy may have the strength needed to lift himself up but unfortunately, he did not realize that the piece of rock formation that he was holding onto was not as strong as him. After a good five seconds of working out, the rock eventually broke off.

And as if the pain from the fall was not enough, the rock that he was holding onto also fell on him and hit his stomach! While many netizens were concerned of his safety, many others found it humorous because of the way it was edited.

The uploader of the video wittingly put the latter seconds in slow motion and added a surprisingly fitting soundtrack for the fall. Some netizens even said that the insertion of the song was so funny that they felt the need to search it themselves.

“Sobrang nadala ako ng song na tipong HINANAP KO YUNG TITLE NG KANTA SA YOUTUBE,” commented one netizen.

While others empathize to the guy and said that what happened would have certainly hurt him.
Garnering almost, 1.5 million views, 16k reactions, and 41k shares in just one week, this video is certainly making people laugh their hats off! Many netizens found it so funny that almost every comment in the video was a netizen tagging his/her friend!

Watch video here:


Posted by Wyndell Gingoyon on Thursday, September 13, 2018

How about you? What do you think of the video? Do you agree with the netizens and think that it was hilarious as well? Let us know by commenting below!


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