Woman does a man’s haircut with a strange tool

Haircuts, even if not everyone’s aware, is very delicate and important. At times, your hairstyle could either help or put your image in danger. In some countries, getting a haircut could be a little overpriced. In another instance, which went viral on Facebook, a man got an unusual haircut from a woman who used an unusual tool.

From what it looked like, it was either a gardening tool or a construction tool. In this case, it was used as a tool to cut hair. Getting a haircut can be really scary. Once you get the wrong hairdo and it doesn’t fit you, there are only two things left to do. One, have it fixed by another stylist, or two, live with it until it grows back again.

In the video, the man was in crouch position while he was getting his haircut. The woman who seemed like she was using some sort of sharp shovel cut the man’s hair with the help of a green comb. Impressively, from the video, the haircut seemed decent enough.

Back in the day, barbers and stylists used different types of method and tools to cut hair. Some stylists even used unconventional tools like the woman on the viral video. An article by NTD was able to give us a list of 14 types of ridiculous, weird, and dangerous ways to cut hair.

One of the 14 was the classic use of bowls in guy’s head. The “coconut” hairstyle was common among boys. This is when their barbers literally put a bowl on their heads to follow the shape of the bowl by the scissors. It’s not a very hip hairdo now, and then, but it was very common.

The rest from the list was a bunch of DIYs. It was basically from people who think they’re being wise but are actually lazy or close-fisted.

Today, both men and women willingly spend money in order to get the perfect cut for them. Having a great set of hair has become an investment especially to those whose jobs require having an attractive face. It also works for corporate professionals to make them look more decent and professional.


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