Watch Guy Spins His Own Music At Home With Makeshift Spinner in This Hilarious Video

Some people just really know how to take fun to the next level. While we see funny videos on line very often, there are those extremely hilarious ones that we can’t help but share. Take for example this video of a guy who probably aspired to be a DJ but didn’t have the money to buy the equipment.

The video begins in what appears to be a small room in an apartment. It had wooden walls all over it with the typical set up of having posters stuck to different parts of the wall. To the right part of the screen, a fairly big television can be seen. It was turned on as it had some things flashed on its screen.

At the center of the footage, we see a skinny guy wearing an afro wig and had some big headphones strapped on to his neck. He did not have anything to wear for a top except for a red lace bra. He was also wearing red shorts and on top of it, he wore a black lacey undergarment. Yes, he was wearing the undergarment on top of the shorts.

In front of him, there is a 2-plate induction stove that was black in color. At the bottom middle part of the stove top are two knobs that are used to control the induction heat. On each plate, the guy had placed colander covers and a CD. In short, he tried to make the stove look like a DJ’s mixer board.

He starts twisting the knobs on the stove top, and starts moving the colander covers as if he were spinning them. In the background, we can also hear the rhythm of music under the EDM genre. The guy tries to mimic the moves of a DJ or music spinner through his makeshift equipment, and by acting as if he was really syncing the music into the rhythm.

He even puts on his headphones and acts as if he was intently listening to the rhythm and the music of what was playing in the background. He jumps up and down and looks far out as if gazing into a crowd full of people.

To us viewers of the video, the guy may be confined within a small space, but that is definitely how he saw it. For him, he was having the time of his life rocking an arena full of people through his masterful DJ spinning.

Watch The Video Below:

-nguồn: Nguyễn Quang Trung

Posted by Trần Trọng Hoàng on Friday, September 16, 2016

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