Guy Leaves His iPhone Connected to Television, Gets Caught By His Girlfriend Browsing Through Other Girls’ Instagram Page

Technology has indeed made things a lot simpler for us. It has also led to allowing us to connect more with other people. But what happens when this connection is used to advance personal and selfish agenda? What happens if technology gets used by other people to find other people whom they can fool around with?

A recent video has become extremely viral online because it shows how a guy gets caught by his girlfriend sneaking around with other girls through the use of technology.

It begins with a video taken by a woman’s phone. We know it was a woman holding the camera as we hear her making comments about what she is seeing in front of her. What we see on screen is a live feed of the man’s phone while he was in the bathroom taking a dump.

We see on screen that the phone was logged in to the guys’ Instagram account and he was browsing into other girl’s Instagram pages. And he was not browsing on just some girls, these were super alluring girls whom the girlfriend felt quite jealous of.

She was even speaking her mind as the guy browses and even likes the photos of these girls. After liking some photos, the guy even went on one of the girls’ profiles and was trying to comment on the photo. But the girlfriend was not having any of it, anymore.

She stormed to the bathroom where her boyfriend was apparently at. She knocks on the door, and forcefully opens it. The guy, shocked with what was happening, did not know how to initially react. His girlfriend, then asks him what he was doing to which the guy answers that he was only taking a dump. He even gets 0ffended and asks his girlfriend why she can’t leave him alone.

But the girlfriend reveals to him that she knows what he was doing. “You’re not in here browsing Instagram profiles of other girls?” Once the guy heard this, he was dumbfounded, not knowing how to react that he was caught by his girlfriend doing such.

The girl even told him that she should have brought him bottles of water for him because he was too thirsty. A lot of netizens from all over the world had a good laugh about this video. As a matter of fact, it has reached 5.4 million views, 54 thousand reactions, and 42thousand shares since its posting. Know someone who would relate to this video? Share this to them or tag them in the comments section.

Watch The Video Below:

Guy Caught Girlfriend Streaming Phone On TV

She caught him out BIG TIME… This is absolute gold 😂😂

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