Yay or nay? Check out these kids’ “new way” of riding a bike down the hill!

Riding a bike is just one of those things that some people learn at an early stage in life. As children, knowing that we could ride and control on our own simply brought some excitement for us on a daily basis. At that stage in our lives, we could say that our bikes were “everything.” In fact, some people even say that once you learn how to a bike, you will never forget this certain skill.

Through the years, a lot of innovations have been done to our beloved bikes. Mostly, with its material. Companies have worked hard all this time to give us all better riding experiences. On the other hand, some kids recently made noise on the internet. This was because of their “new” and “unique” way of using their bikes.

In a video, we see the said group of kids going down the hill while riding their own bikes. What caught everyone’s attention was how they were riding it. Normally, the most well-known position of riding a bike is sitting on the elevated seat and holding on the its front handles. These kids on the other hand choose to ride their bikes while staying in a planking position. Think of it as how surfers ride their boards before a huge wave comes.

It was really such an amusing thing to see as it was indeed “something else.” The main takeaway here is that the riders don’t have control with the pedals, just the handles. Meaning, they only control the direction of the bikes and not the speed. To add to that, they could only go faster and faster by the second as they were all going downhill. It is the complete mix of fun, innovation, and of course riskiness. By the way, they weren’t wearing any helmets as well.

The moment they reached the bottom of the hill, some of them actually fell down from their bikes. As mentioned earlier, they had minimal control with the movement. One fall immediately caused a chain reaction of other falls from the riders who came from behind. Ouch!

In the end, we all know that there is nothing wrong with trying out new things. On an additional note, we should also consider our safety whenever we take on these new risks. Let’s just hope that no one got seriously hurt after what happened. Let’s also help and remind these kids to have some safety precautions such as helmets before trying these things out next time!

Watch The Video Below:

Kikiki.. nasib ko la dik… 😆😆

Posted by Norhilmi Nordin on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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