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Elderly Man Shows How Much He Loves His Dog, Covers It With Complete Rainy Day Cover

We always see videos of dogs and other pets on our social media feed almost everyday. Most of the time, we get filled with good vibes because of the cuteness these videos possess. But sometimes, our hearts are also warmed by these footages, just like this recent viral video of an old man taking care of his dog.

The video begins with a shot of an open space. Around it were several stalls and stores where fruits and wooden crate boxes can be seen. The setting seems to be some public market in an Asian country. A few moments after the video starts, the camera zooms in to the subject of the clip.

We see an old guy, saddled on his bicycle. He was wearing a camouflage cap, and a black and white jacket that was zipped up, and at the front part of the bicycle where a basket is installed, a white dog is sitting. The area was an open space and it was apparent that it was raining during the time the video took place.

Here, we see how an owner puts tremendous amount of care and effort to make sure that his pet does not catch anything because of the rain. We see the dog’s body wrapped in a makeshift raincoat made out of a printed blue plastic bag. The bag was wrapped around the dog’s body and was tied into a knot in front of the dog’s neck, making it resemble a bow tie.

Of course, the owner did not let the dog go into the rain without enough cover. Beside his bicycle lay another basket where other rain gear were stored. He shuffles through the basket until he found a tiny hat with a garter on it. He put this on the dog and used the garter to secure the hat on the dog’s head.

He repositions the hat to make sure that it’s tightly placed on the dog and once he saw it was correctly placed, he puts on his glove and gets ready to take off. He scoots his bicycle a few inches from where it was positioned. But before he gets on it, he stops to make sure that the dog was comfortable and would not fall of the basket. After securing everything, he gets on his bike and starts taking off, pedaling away from the market.

It is really amazing to see videos like this where humans take extra time to show and make their pets feel that they are loved. A lot of people could really relate to this as evident in the shares and views that the video has received since its posting.

Watch Video Here:

Elderly Man Protects Dog From Rain

"Saw this elderly man protecting his dog from the rain" 😍🙌Newsflare

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