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Parents And Young Students Traverse A Narrow Bridge Despite Strong Weather Just To Get To School

Education is a gift that can never be taken away from you. This is probably why some people move heaven and earth just to be able to finish their studies.

In a recent viral video, we are shown how some people, despite being less privileged when it comes to having access to education and schooling, are willing to go beyond extreme lengths just so they could attend school.

The video begins with a couple of adults carrying two small kids on their backs. The kids are still very little, roughly around 4 and 5 years old. Both were wearing uniforms, and even had tiny backpacks with cartoons printed on them.

The setting was rather unusual, as it seemed to be in a foresty area, where a makeshift bridge is seen. The bridge looked like it was made from a huge metal pipe, with ropes and other sturdy strings tied to it to serve as a railings. The weather during the time the video was recorded was rather rainy, almost to the point of being stormy, even.

The guy from behind seemed to be struggling on how he can make sure that the kid he is carrying on his back is securely placed. If you peep into what they are about to traverse, you would understand why he needs to make sure the kid doesn’t get off his back. What lies ahead of them is a narrow foot bridge made out of a pipe, with only ropes to anchor on to fight the gusty wind caused by the turbulent weather.

Beneath the bridge, a wide river with strong current rushes and anyone who falls into it can be considered as gone forever. This is why the guy had to really make sure that the kid holds on to him tightly. He was able to do so, and so they walk onwards onto the bridge.

They move slowly and inch their way toward the other side of the bridge. However, when they got to the middle, things sort of got out of hand. All of a sudden, the guy had to reposition the kid so they could continue walking safely. They struggled to regain balance and had to switch places which put them in a challenging situation.

Unfortunately, the whole route was too challenging so the men and the kids decided not to push through anymore. They had to go back to their initial point to make sure they were still safe.

Watch The Video Below:

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