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Homeless Man From Brazil Offers Life To Rescue Woman From Mobster

A lot of videos we see on social media are mostly shared for two reasons. They either elicit too much emotions from us, whether it is good or the otherwise; or they are so shocking that we just can’t help but let other people know about it. Both cases are true to this recent trending video about a h0stage in Brazil.

The video has gone extremely viral all over the world. Not only has it been shared among different social media platforms online, it has also been circulating among several news outlets from all corners of the world.

In the video, we first see a woman wearing a grey hoodie, ripped denim jeans, and rubber shoes being dragged by a middle-aged guy. The guy seems to be a gangster of some sort and was wearing khaki shorts, a blue inner shirt and a camouflage jacket. He was also seen carrying a w3ap0n for sho0ting.

It seems that the guy was keeping the woman h0stage as he was seen not only dragging her to the front of the famous Sao Paolo Cathedral in Brazil, but also trying to h4rm her in the process. He threw the woman to the ground and pitted her to the floor. He held her by the hair and gets her immobile by getting on top of her.

We learned that the mobster is Luiz Antonio da Silva, age 49, and has spent 22 years inside pris0n due to several misdemeanor counts. It is obvious that this man poses quite immense d4ng3r given his record with the authorities.

People around the area could not do anything as the guy was armed. And although the police had already surrounded the scene, a homeless guy by the name of Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima steps into the scene to rescue the girl. He abruptly rushes towards da Silva, allowing the girl to run away.

De Lima runs to the guy and tries to pit him to the ground, much the same way da Silva was doing to the girl. But da Silva was quite powerful and a lot stronger than de Lima. This caused the two of them to struggle on the ground, each trying to gain stance over the other.

Unfortunately, despite this heroic act to save the woman, he had to take two bullets to his chest that has cost him his life. Da Silva, on the other hand, were pacified by the police as the poor de Lima falls to the ground in front of the Sao Paolo Cathedral.

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