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This Wooden Door of Riches Holds A Lot Of Money Inside It

While most people secure their money on banks, others would rather keep it safe somewhere else. Take this guy in the video, for example, who has used his wooden door as a coin bank.

At the beginning of the video, a floor of what seems to be a house. We also see a wooden door with the corner of it already chipping away. It has a hole on the corner were the planks of door frame meet. We also see a hammer lying on the floor, and it is safe to assume that the hole in the wall was caused by the hammer.

We then see a hand holding a small crowbar. He claws the corner of the door using the crowbar and much to our surprise a ton of coins ooze out of the hole in the door. The crowbar was able to manage to punch a hole on the door, but apparently, it wasn’t big enough for the rest of the coins and money to get out of it.

This is when the guy in the video decides to use some other tools as a reinforcement. He picks up a hammer and starts hammering on the crowbar so he could create a bigger hole as a passageway for the money. He was able to successfully let more money out and we are just shocked at how much money was stored in between the walls of that door.

As if not satisfied with the amount of cash flowing out of the hole, the guy claws the door with the crowbar to keep the door’s hole open. Then, he uses his other hand to pound on the door causing more and more money to gush out of it.

At this point, we see that the door did not only keep coins, but had some bills inside it too. The money seems to be in Philippine currency judging from the bills that came out of the door. A few more moments into the video, the camera moves and shows us that there was a toddler beside the guy who was excitedly waiting for all the money to come out.

Probably losing his patience, he helps out his dad to pound on the door so that the money would pour out a lot faster. At the end of the video, the guy was still not done taking all the money out of the door, so who knows how much more was in there.

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Watch Video Here:

Treasure gate 🤑🤑🤑

Treasure gate 🤑🤑🤑

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