Hilarious Video of Toy Chicken Making Weird Noises As Guy Plays With It

The internet offers a variety of things from the simple and funny, to the weird and bizarre ones. But there are just videos online that make you say, “I’ve had enough internet for the day.” Take a look at this video.

The video seems to be taken in some sort of a stock room. There were boxes around the area, and on the center of the footage screen, we see a toy chicken laid on top of a box. The toy looked like a lanky chicken with its neck stretched upward. It had brown feet and at its neck, was an orange accessory that seemed like a necklace. It also had orange beak and a red crown and a facial expression that looks rather surprised or flabbergasted.

We could also see parts of a guy’s body. He was wearing an off-white denim pants that was held up to his waist by a black leather belt. He also seems to be wearing a light brown shirt and layered on top of it was a bomber jacket that was black in color.

The guy had his hand on the chicken toy and had one of his fingers inside the toy’s mouth. He presses on the chicken and the toy makes this weird m0aning noise as if it was doing the deed. The guy also does mimics some pretty 0bsc3ne gestures as he thrusts his cr0tch towards the chicken’s butt. All this time, the chicken continuously makes weird noises as if it was in bed with a human.

And just when we think the video couldn’t get even funnier, the guy does another thing to the chicken. He turns it around so it is now lying on its belly. Now he has both hands on the chicken, one hand on its body and the other on the chicken’s head. He now looks like he was gr0ping the chicken’s body and continues to do the thrusting gesture with his cr0tch aimed at the chicken’s butt.

As all of this happens, the noises that the chicken makes grows louder and intensifies more and more. At some point in the video, it would make you think if the sounds the chicken was making is actually coming from the toy or if it was edited into the video. Either way, the sound seems very realistic and it added to the overall entertainment of the video. A lot of people all over the internet actually found this video to be really funny.

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Posted by Santiago Torres on Saturday, August 18, 2018

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