Watch as this 7-year-old catches a snake only with her bare hands!

What are you afraid or scared of? Do you have phobia of reptiles and snakes?

A lot of people are afraid of snakes and reptiles in general. Maybe because of their weird form having scales or maybe because to our common knowledge, most are actually vicious.

There are a lot of types of snakes, some are venomous wherein they spit venom and some do not buy instead they have a different way of approaching their prey, some snakes constrict their target as they engulf and swallow it as whole.

Some of the most commonly feared vicious types of snake are – anaconda, python, and the king cobra.

That is why a lot of training is needed for you to be an expert in handling such species. For that training, you will need a lots of patience, care and a LOT of bravery! Mishandling those animals can cause commotion not only to you but for a lot of people as they might slither wild.

But in this video, you will see that a girl at such a young age can already handle such a venomous snake. It is a King cobra inside a cage wherein the young lady let it run loose as she tried catching it using a stick at first. Inside the cage was a small rat wherein it appears to be its food.

This has caused netizens to feel scared and worried for the girl but you can see her bravery with no worries on her face as she just played with the snake just like a toy. As she was catching the snake with the snake, she then holds its tail and swung it in a circular motion like a lasso.

The video was posted by a channel named Cambodia Daily Life and this has gained a lot of views and shares. A lot of praises from the netizens has been gained from her showcase of bravery and fearlessness. Given the fact that she is just 7-years-old and and a girl makes it more awe worthy.

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Watch The Video Below:


Wow amazing!Credit:Feedtv

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