These men enjoy their drinking session in the middle of the flood

Filipinos are really known for being resilient during the time of calamity. We can still genuinely smile even if we are facing a difficult situation. Just like that, we easily endure and overcome the disasters we suffered from. Do you want to know how to have fun in the middle of the storm? Take your cue from these two men who had a drinking session while submerged in the flood.

Facebook user Alvin Garcia shared this hilarious video which became viral. In the clip, a man was swimming in the chest level flood outside. Suddenly, the camera focused to a man who poured liquor on a clear glass. Since flood was everywhere, they placed the drink on a huge stainless bowl that could float in the murky water.

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The man who was swimming earlier also found their gimmick hilarious. He became more amazed when his friends smoothly pushed the stainless container towards his direction. With the help of the flood, it was delivered right next to him.

He willingly gulped every drop of the booze, bottoms up! After he drank everything, he returned the floating bowl back to his friends. Of course, he did not forget to utter his gratitude to them.

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Meanwhile, all of them laughed at their own ploy. They exclaimed non-stop how unique their drinking session was. One of them pointed out that this kind of thing could only be done in the Philippines.

Indeed, we can only see comical things like this in our country. After all, Filipinos could really go up to this extent to forget the problems around us.

However, this doesn’t mean that it would be safe to do this. As we all know, there are a lot of illness we could get from the dirty water especially from flood.

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Watch The Full Video Below:


Posted by Alvin Garcia on Sunday, July 22, 2018

Source: Facebook

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