WATCH: Video of a dog who breastfeeds a cat

Sometimes, even if we hate to admit it, animals are more selfless than humans. Because of constant change, every living being adapts to it. Everyone fights to survive every day, including our pets. And when it comes to surviving, sometimes, even if they are believed to be each other’s nemesis, they set aside that thought and help each other out. For example, a video on social media showed a dog breastfeeding a kitten.

At a random place, this dog was seen petting and nursing a cat. This isn’t the first time it happened but it still gives us a reminder to be more helpful to others.


From the video, you’ll notice how the dog was licking the cat’s neck as the cat snuggled himself in. The dog nursed the cat as he was tried to get some milk from the dog. It was unusual but in a sweet way. From the looks of it, the cat had nowhere else to get milk from and the dog was happy to help.

Usually, when you hear cats and dogs, you think that it’s hard to put them under one roof together. But that’s not always the case. Some dogs are less ruthless than others and they don’t mind other pets in the house.

That’s why dogs are man’s best friend because they care about their owners and other pets too. But like humans, dogs need as much company as we do. Like us, they feel lonely and sad. That’s why when you come home the first thing your dog does is lick you.


Some people believe that we don’t deserve dogs because they are too good for us. They always stay by our sides, make us feel needed and at most times, helps us release stress.


Watch The Video Below:

Posted by Feedy TV on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Source: Facebook

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