Flight attendant saves young woman from human trafficking

Traveling using an airplane is considered as a pleasant experience because it is always associated with fun vacations. However, this is not always the case for some people. This is exactly what happened to a female flight attendant named Shelia Fredrick while on a flight between Seattle and San Francisco. Although she already knows what to do about dealing with complicated and awkward situations involving passengers on planes, Shelia never expected to witness something that would change her life forever.

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During that particular flight, Sheila noticed something off and strange. She saw a young, blonde woman sitting at the window seat next to a well-dressed older man.
It appears that the woman, believed to be underaged, looked like she has been through tough times. It appears that she was a victim of human trafficking.Whenever Shelia tried to speak to the passenger, the elderly man would become defensive and acted strangely. The young woman, on the other hand, would just look at her and let the old man talk.

Completely bothered by what was happening, Shelia then instructed the woman to go to the bathroom where she had left her a note on the mirror. After relaying the message to her, the young woman did as what she told her to do so. Shelia later found out that the woman “needed help.”

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Soon after discovering the situation of the young woman, Shelia immediately contacted the pilot and they told the situation to the police authorities. Then, upon arriving at the airport, the police authorities apprehended the elder man that woman was rescued from the unfortunate situation.

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As of writing, Shelia recently revealed that she’ s still in contact with the young woman she rescued on that unforgettable flight.

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