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Handicapped man who works by carrying heavy sacks of cement inspires many

It is a sad truth that persons with physical disabilities are often discriminated against or marginalized in society. They are most likely to be underestimated in terms of their skills at work. However, there are still handicapped people who can break this stereotype and excel in their chosen field of endeavor.

Recently, a public Facebook page posted a video of the disabled man that made an impact in social media. A man who has an amputated right leg endured the weight of a heavy sack on his back. Well, he might have lacked a body part, but he is full of dedication in his work.

He had a hard time lifting the heavy item at first. However, he placed the sack of cement on his shoulders and walked with the help of his two walking sticks.

The handicapped man finally succeeded after several tries and delivered the cement in the storage room.

In spite of his physical disability, he still managed to strive at work.

A lot of netizens in social media were amazed by the disabled man’s great effort. His touching story became an inspiration to everyone and other disabled persons.

The viral video was one of the trending topics in social media in an instant. It has also reached several netizens in other countries. As of now, it has more than 302 thousand views after posting on Facebook last September 10.

Here in the Philippines, disabled persons are entitled to some privileges like discounts, medical attention, financial assistance, and many more.

The United Nations have also recognized persons with disabilities after declaring December 3 as a holiday “International Day of Disabled Persons.” Its purpose is to raise awareness regarding the care needed for this type of people.

Watch The Full Video Here:

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