Biker gives a woman a full body cracking massage

Due to our busy and hectic lives, we often want to take a break and relax. However, we don’t usually have the time and means to travel. As a result, we settle for something simpler and more accessible, massage. There are many kinds of massages, but all of them have the same goal – to relax muscles, ease physical tension and sometimes even help blood circulation.

In a Facebook post by Viral TRND, a video of a biker giving a body-cracking massage to a woman went viral on social media. Now, everyone wants to be massaged by his nifty hands.

People were very curious and impressed with the biker’s unusual way of massaging. He started off cracking the bones the woman’s head. He also used his bare hands to lift her up by her cheeks. He proceeded with twisting both of her arms and asked her to lie down on a mat.

He pressed the woman’s spinal cords and repeatedly pushed it with the right amount of pressure with his palms. After his every move, he made sure that the woman was not feeling any discomfort. He removed her shoes and started working on her feet to her legs. It looked very satisfying, indeed.

He did a lot more stretching and pushing to the woman’s body, then he finally allowed her to stand. The woman was able to get rid of all her physical tensions and from the looks of it, she truly enjoyed the massage.

Many netizens envied the woman and said that they wanted to have a massage like the one she had. Check out some of their reactions to the video:

“Sarap po nyan! Naranasan ko na yan pero di nman ganyan ka-bigla sa ginagawa ni kuya..same techniques but slowly.”

“That is like a Thai massage. It’s hard but you can hear the air and joint cracks. Very relaxing.”

“Sarap pag ganito oh.”

Watch The Video Below:

Biker Gives Full Bodycracking Session

This is the full bodycracking session I need! 🙌🙌Credit:

Posted by Viral TRND on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Source: Facebook

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