ONE: Wife Seeks Help For Her Cheating Husband In “Raffy Tulfo in Action”

A desperate wife went to the popular radio program “Raffy Tulfo in Action” in order to bring back her cheating husband. It happened during their 11th wedding anniversary.

Based on the tell-all exclusive interview, the 57-year-old wife named Luisa Capalad still wants to talk to her 73-year-old husband named Reynaldo Capalad. She also wanted to know about his whereabouts—and if there still a chance to save their marriage.

According to her, it’s been a month since she and her husband talked. She just recently found out that her husband was currently in China with his mistress.

Luisa then revealed that Reynaldo was a notorious chick magnet. In her own words, she described him as a playboy who sweet talks to attract his desired woman. Luisa also confirmed that Reynaldo could still make love with another woman despite his old age.

“Hindi po siya gumagamit ng Robust pero nakakatatlo pa po siya. Pasensiya na po sa mga nakikinig pero gusto ko lang po sabihin na kaya na pa iyong gawain na iyon. Ang ginagawa ng mag-asawa, isang beses o dalawang beses lang sa isang araw. Kaya niya po iyon araw-araw.”


When veteran broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo asked if she knows the whereabouts of her husband, Luisa relayed that Reynaldo was currently in China. She revealed that he was with another woman again.

“Nasa China na naman po. ‘Di bale babae na naman po iyan. Naka-chat na naman niya po iyan. Tinulungan po ata siya ng babae niya. Malamang gatos ng babae, sir. Wala naman po siyang panggastos papunta roon.”

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After the long conversation, Raffy contacted Reynaldo. In the end, Reynaldo agreed to meet Luisa in October. However, the production team immediately found out that Reynaldo wasn’t really in China but rather here in Manila.

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