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Watch: Isang Amang May Kapansanan Pinasaya Ang Anak Matapos Gawin Ang Bagay Na Ito Sa Araw Ng Debut Ng Kanyang Anak

Celebrating a debut is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Most girls dream of having a memorable 18th birthday and because of this, many prepare for a special debut. It has been a tradition that 18 must-haves are included in the celebration program. One of them would be the 18 roses, which is a highlight of the event. During this part, 18 men that were personally chosen by the debutante, would offer her a single red rose and a slow dance.

The first and last dance are always the most important men in her life. This is why the father and daughter dance happens during the beginning or in the end. The debutante’s night would feel incomplete without it. No wonder why this amazing father offered his daughter the last dance despite him having a disability.

In the viral video, the father named Odet struggled to stand up because of his disability. He needed to go to the center where his daughter in red gown stood. With a determined heart, he used crutches to approach the debutante.

When it was finally their turn to dance, his daughter carefully placed her arms over his shoulder. They danced slowly while the emotional song “Dance with my Father” played in the background.

The stunning celebrant shed tears due to this heartwarming moment. Facebook user Daisy Laurente Carso shared the story of the inspiring story of the disabled father. At first, Odet feared of being his daughter’s last dance because he thought he would be ridiculed.

However, he eventually removed the uncertainties and decided to make this dance a birthday gift to his precious girl. In fact, he was also the one who made her celebration possible.

Even though he has a disability, it did not hinder him from standing up from his ground and be the best father to his daughter. Truly, this father and daughter dance has never been so special.

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grabing iyak namin dto…last dance ung papa nya…nakakaiyak kc dahi alam namin na kahit ganyan lang sya gagawin nya…

Posted by Daisy Laurente Carso on Friday, August 31, 2018

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