Naalala Niyo Pa Ba Ang Kinababaliwang Sexbomb Dancer Noon? Ito Na Ang Buhay Nila Ngayon Na Hindi Alam Ng Karamihan

This all-girl dance group rose to popularity with their simple yet iconic dance steps. Ever since their first national television appearance, countless viewers got hooked – became avid fans and have followed their lives ever since.

Soon enough the all-girl dance group went down in entertainment history. As a matter of fact, they eventually cemented their name in the Filipino popular culture as one of the most beloved dance groups. Moreover, their promising popularity propelled them to successfully cross over from backup dancing to acting in the Kapuso Network.

However, the longevity of their success in the showbiz industry was cut short. Just like other unfortunate celebrities out there, their shine faded away and they eventually bowed out from showbiz.

As of now, there currently living a peaceful life together with their families. In fact, they’re all presently happy and content mothers.

Diofanny Jane Paguia-Zamora

She is more popularly known as Jopay. Last year, she gave birth to her firstborn child with Joshua Zamora

Aifha Medina

She occasionally appears in some entertainment projects. But for now, her utmost priority in life is taking care of her daughter.

Evette Pabalan

Evette Pabalan is happily married to Rossel Arena Onayan. As of this writing, the married couple has now a child.

Sugar Mercado

Sugar Mercado became part of the popular all-girl dance group from 2001 to 2002. Then, she came back from 2004 to 2006.

Today, she is a mother of two children. She is currently the co-host of Willie Revillame in “Wowowin.”

Weng Ibarra

Her last appearance on national television was in 2011. Weng Ibarra is now a mother to her only daughter Annastacia.

Monique Icban

Monique Icban is currently dedicating herself to the music ministry of their church. She is now a mother of two children.

Izzy Trazona

Away from the entertainment spotlight, Izzy Trazona is happily married to former celebrity Alvin Aragon and a loving mother of two children.

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