Isang Amang Ipinakita Ang World Class Na Boses Para Lang Mailabas Ang Naka Sa Hospital

During a wedding ceremony, one of the most precious and meaningful parts is the time when the husband and wife are reciting their vows. The beautiful words used to create this vow form a very promising statement that the couple would forever hold on to.

Parts of this vow says that “in s1ckness and in health”, the couple would share everything with each other. This is a very beautiful expression of forever and of the fact that whatever it takes, they will stand by each side.

Most couples of course live by this promise. There are a lot of love stories that inspire people to believe that there is indeed forever and it exists.

A video of a man while singing inside the mall went incredibly viral online. Some people thought that the man sings only to entertain mallgoers and to share his talent because he really has a powerful yet sweet voice. Some people even think that he can compete in a nationwide singing contest because of his incredible voice.

But people became more curious and they were touched on the reason and the story behind the viral video. It was originally posted by Julieta Laurente Balancio. However, it was a Handyman staff who asked him to sing in front of many people. And many were amazed because of his jaw-dropping voice.

Not all the people who are watching know what he was doing. According to Julieta, the man was actually singing to earn for his wife. She said that the man’s wife just gave birth and he does not have enough money to discharge them from the hospital. So what he does was to sing and entertain so he could earn enough.

Here’s his original post:

“Napanood namin kanina sa Robinsons Nasa hospital daw asawa nya nanganak di makalabas .nanghaharana sya para manghingi ng pera pinakanta ng mga crew ng Handyman magaling kumanta madami nagbigay madami pa rin talaga mabubuting puso dito SA atin SA Calapan Or. Mindoro.”

Watch the video below:

Here are the netizen’s comments:

source: onlinedailytrends

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