LOOK: Anne Curtis takes a peek at Vice Ganda’s underwear

The hosts of ABS-CBN’s’ famous noontime show entitled It’s Showtime are generally known to have good chemistry on-cam; and this may be because of the strong friendship that they built over the years of working together.

Because of their good relationship on-cam and off-cam, the hosts like to joke around each other – even on-air. They’ve become so comfortable with each other that their natural bond can always be seen in the show’s episodes.

Two their hosts, Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis, share a very close friendship. In fact, most of Anne’s co-hosts including Vice, attended her wedding that was held in New Zealand.
Anne and Vice are often see goofing with each other in the show, but in one of the recent episodes of It’s Showtime, Vice was a little bit shocked with the casualty that Anne showed to him and the audience while they were on air.

In that particular episode, they were celebrating birthday of one of their co-hosts, Jhong Hilario. While doing his part in one of the segment of the show – Tawag ng Tanghalan, Jhong joked and said he was so touched that Vice managed to see his prod even though the comedian forgot to wear shorts.
Jhong’s joke prompted Anne to look underneath Vice’s shirt and see if he wasn’t really wearing any shorts, to which Vice responded with, “Casual na casual naman girl ha!”
Another one of their co-hosts, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla also laughed at Anne and joked, “Kung makasilip si Anne! Hahaha! Peek-ka-boo!”

Anne bursted out laughing when she realized what she has done and immediately apologized. But she also used the opportunity to chime in another joke and said, “Sorry! Sorry! Haha! Akala ko kasi gusto rin bumati kay Jhong!”
The hosts laughed and Vice even added to Anne’s joke and said, “Kaya ako tumatakbo, ako dapat sisigaw ng ‘Jhong blow your candle!’”, which added fuel to the group’s humor.
Kidding aside however, Vice commented that he really made sure that he will be able to watch Jhong’s production because he has a huge debt of gratitude to the birthday boy that many people are not aware of, “Malaking bagay sa akin si Jhong Hilario.”

“Lagi kong tanong sa writer, ‘May Jhong?’ Kasi ang gaan ng loob ko pag andiyan si Jhong. I love you. I just cannot imagine Showtime without Jhong,” added the suddenly-emotional comedian.
The genuine birthday greetings almost made them forgot about Anne trying to peek at Vice’s underpants! Nevertheless, the closeness and camaraderie of the hosts was really seen in the episode.

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Source: ABS-CBN

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