VIRAL: Netizen sheds tear in sympathy for schoolboy who sells Sampaguitas

In a country where poverty is a severe socio-economic issue, many people face the struggle of trying to get by every single day.

Life has been so hard that some children start to work early in order to help their families. Some kids sell little things by the street in the hopes that they could take something home to their parents; or to be able to continue their schooling.

One netizen named Mhae A. Fuentes managed to document a touching moment between a woman and a young boy who was selling Sampaguita flowers in his school uniform. After buying, Mhae’s friend could not help herself but to shed a tear.

According to Mhae, the young boy was a grade six student and was selling Sampaguita during the late hours of the evening so that he has money for school allowance the next day.

Her friend who cried because of what she witnessed even gave a little advice for the boy before buying the flowers, “Baon mo to ha! Wag mo gagamitin to sa masama… Promise!?”

Watch the video below:

Posted by Mhae A. Fuentes on Friday, July 13, 2018

According to one netizen who commented, the boy is always stationed at Trinoma’s station for public utility vehicles. Additionally, Mhae stated that the boy’s mother was selling at Megamall the night before.

Many netizens who commented at the post shared the same sympathy with the woman and said they were moved by her tears, “Aw yung iyak niya talaga nakakadala. Maiiyak kanalang din talaga huhu. iLoveyou V. Pagpatuloy mo lang yan para lalo kapang i bless.”

Another netizen said, “Parang nabibiyak din un puso ko! Yun ramadam mo talaga yun hagulgul eh! Napakabait mo talagang bata ka!”

In one Rappler article, the boys were described as brothers who sell Sampaguitas to help their family and for their allowance because their father was behind bars, “Para pambaon at pambili ng pagkain.”

The boys said balancing studying and selling Sampaguitas is indeed hard; but they had to do it because they really want to finish schooling, one of them even said “Gusto ko po makapagtapos, love ko po ang pag-aaral.”

Sure enough, the boys’ teachers from San Antonio Elementary School praised the boys for their determination and said they were not aware that the boys sell Sampaguitas after school.

This kind of stories really shows the reality of some children who have to work early in order to help their families and make ends meet.

How about you? Were you also moved by the woman’s tears and the boy’s determination to have a better life? Let us know by commenting below!

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