Isang Pinay, Inalipusta Ng Isang Foreigner Sa Loob Ng Isang Tren

The world we live in today is truly a troublesome and scary place. People have been so hostile to one another and in the process tends to hurt each other more. With all the hate and hostility all around us, sometimes it’s hard to see if there is still hope in this planet.

Wars are happening all around us. Little children and families are being displaced by all of these claim for power and wealth. A lot of lives are sacrificed and even innocent ones are not spared.

Even when you are on your own, your safety is not guaranteed. Take for example, this lady who has been living in Australia for almost 30 years and had a firsthand experience with racial slurs on a Melbourne-bound train in Australia.

According to the lady named, Mila, a 66 year old Filipino lady. She sat at the train, minding her own business, coughing casually, when she noticed two Australian teenager girls staring at her in a nasty way.

At first she didn’t pay any attention to them, but several minutes went on and they still continued to look at her mockingly. That’s when she called them off, and instead of apologizing, the two girls started spewing racial slurs at the old lady.

The two girls said derogatory words to Mila even telling her to go back to her country. Mila, is actually a Filipino born Australian citizen who has been living in the country for a long time.

Mila was taken aback because this is her first experience in dealing with racism. She never thought that the day would come where she would actually be scared because of her ethnicity or her roots.

Fortunately, three women stood up for her. They pressed the emergency button and tried to call a police to make the girls stop. The two girls ran away when they stopped at a nearest station.

Mila said that the police told her that they would look for the girls and give her an update. But no update has been given as of this writing.

Mila said that she has no ill-feelings for the girls, but she wanted to teach them a lesson. She wanted them to know that they can’t just get away by doing things like this. She wanted them to behave like a decent person would.

Before the incident, Mila was supposed to visit a friend in a nearby town. The incident made the headlines of both mainstream news and circulated online. Many were commenting that the girls should be apprehended for what they did to the defenseless, poor lady.

Posted by Sham Jang on Friday, August 10, 2018


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