WATCH: 5 Unexplained and Eerie Videos

In a generation where technology and social media has been integrated to the everyday lives of people, being connected from anyone around the world has definitely become easier. However, mysterious videos and unexplained things can also be found amidst this surge of hi-tech movement.

Below are five events that were captured in video and were posted by people in social media to share their eerie encounters or messages:

1. YouTube user named Zero Fox FK uploaded a video of him setting up his Xbox Kinect last 2013. However, aside from himself, the camera caught something other than him in the room.

When he clicked the “What else does Kinect see?” and the video turned black and white, the video showed a silhouette of a man who seemed like he ran away when the Zero Fox FK looked over that side of the room.

2. First uploaded in 2009, a video shows a female android doll that is named “Tara” singing a song with the lyrics – “I feel fantastic, hey, hey, hey” continuously.

Over the duration of the video, Tara was moved in different locations and was dressed in different clothing. At the latter part of the video, it showed a short clip of a back yard which added to everyone’s confusion.


Some rumors about the video have it that it was made by a serial killer who dresses Tara in the clothes of his/her female victims. And once the victims start to scream, Tara would proceed to sing her song.

3. Under the beautiful city of Paris is an underground cemetery that is said to be the laying grounds of approximately six million people. A footage that was found inside the catacombs showed a man who was exploring it and got lost. It featured a very scared man who then started running as if something was behind and chasing him.


4. Last 2015, a tech blog based in Swedish named GadgetZZ received a DVD from an unknown source. The DVD contained a video that showed a person wearing a mask. It was filled with numerous hidden messages such as Morse code, images embedded in its audio file, and coordinates of the White House. The effort and thinking that was put to create the video was too complex which lead people to think that it’s not fake.

5. Probably one of the most eerie and unexplained incidents of all time is the case if Elisa Lam. In February 19, 2013, the body of Elisa was found inside a water tank of the Cecil Hotel roof in Los Angeles. They only found Elisa’s body when the staff received complaints about a foul taste in the water.


The last thing that showed Elisa alive is a footage from the hotel’s elevator. It showed Elisa entering the elevator looking stressed and pressed all of the buttons on the elevator. She tried to see outside the elevator and then quickly retaliated back in the shaft as if she was hiding from someone – or something.

Elisa’s autopsy reported that there were no signs of foul play and she had no drugs in her system. Another thing that added to the mystery of the case was that the rooftop was locked. Many theories vary from the paranormal to Elisa’s mental health.

Watch video here:

These videos are surely an itch to anyone’s mind! How about you? What do you think of these unexplained cases? Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

Source: Youtube

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