SHOCKING VIDEO: Unconscious Train Passenger Gets Dragged Out By A Man

After a long hard day of working, most of us would agree that the first thing they immediately want to do is to get home without delay. Because of this, we’ve probably done some unusual stuff to shorten the time we spend on our commute. But this man in Long Beach, California, did something incredibly inappropriate and and unacceptable.

A male passenger in the Metro Blue Line suffered from a sudden spasm before getting unconscious. The other passengers called the attention of authorities to request for paramedics. However, before they got there, one of the passengers dragged the unconscious man out of the train.

He said he had no time to wait for the paramedics to arrive and completely disregarded the state the passenger was in. Initially, he asked for the others passengers’ help to get the man out of the train, but they were baffled by the man’s actions. They kept telling him not to touch the guy and wait for medical professionals to send their team.

It’s general knowledge that unconscious and unresponsive individuals must not be moved from their position, unless if you had medical training. Clearly, he did not care whether the unconscious man, who is believed to be South Asian, survive or not.

According to one of the passengers, Billion Godsun, the South Asian man wore a medical wristband. Along with this, he had marks that prove his stay in a hospital. “At the top part of his head he had a hole, but he also had metal staples in his head, you know, look like he was fresh out the hospital,” Godsun said.

Billion uploaded the video he filmed while the commotion was happening in his YouTube channel. As seen in the video, the man in a suit and tie unashamedly returns to his seat after having dragged the passed out man. His explanation of his actions was unsatisfying, to say the least.

“There are a lot of people on the train who want to get home,” he simply said. This may hold some truth, but still, the passengers of that train held the door open to keep the train from leaving. The man went back to check the pulse of the passenger after a few minutes. He left when he got no response.

The authorities are still trying to figure out from the video if the actions done were punishable by law. The paramedics were able to treat the unconscious man on time and is now in stable condition. Meanwhile, acquaintances of the man who acted inappropriately reached out to Billion in the hopes of exposing him.

Watch video here:

We all have our own lives to worry and think about, but as human beings, we should always be considerate of other people’s conditions. If not considerate, then decent and human would just be fine.

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