Humpback Whales Surprise Tourists in a Canadian Lodg

Nowadays, most vacation-goers opt to choose to relax and unwind in quiet hotels instead of going on adventurous trips in loud places. This is the case especially in most families; what better way to spend your free time than lounge around and eat carefully prepared breakfast as you relax with mother nature? Plus points if the place you’re staying in makes extra effort to entertain its guests all the while retaining the peace and quiet.

For the guests at the Great Bear Lodge in Port Hardy, British Columbia in Canada this week, they hit the jackpot and got more than what they bargained for in their visit. The one-of-a-kind floating lodge is located at an outstanding wildlife viewing location. Tourists and locals alike visit this spectacular place to find the silence and solitude of a seemingly another time period on this planet, and that is exactly what they got and more.

Right up at the edge of a dock of the lodge, a group of the majestic humpback whales made an appearance, giving the onlookers a wondrous moment of shock. The water started to bubble, and the people at the edge of the dock immediately stood up to see what was happening. Cameras ready, the guests were fidgety with anticipation.

The spectators were extremely thrilled and excited about this unanticipated event. Although posing a mystery to the lot, the onlookers definitely enjoyed watching these amazing animals go about their day. People even high-fived each other, not afraid of showing their happiness in that moment.

Humpback whales are often found in coastlines, and they travel in sets with their offspring. They travel in large groups to feed and are distinctly known for their “song.” Until now, scientists haven’t confirmed why humpback whales sing, some hypothesized that it is used for mating or marking a territory.

While it’s a mystery how the humpback whales ended up at the dock at that time, you can actually read up various possible explanations over the internet on what must have happened. One whale-enthusiast wrote on a discussion thread in Reddit, “I’ve seen enough nature shows to know what the humpbacks are doing.”

“They’ve chased a school of fish into that cove. They get it nice and concentrated, then blow bubbles around the school, like a makeshift net. Then several humpbacks dive below and surge to the surface all at once, mouths open, eating gigantic amounts of fish. It’s a typical hunting technique that humpbacks use, ” the amateur cetologist (a person who studies whalelore) explained further.

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