LOOK: Missing cat for 13 years was found in the most unexpected way

It can be traced to years back that animals had been a part of the daily lives of us humans. These animals, whether they be furry and cute or big and scary, has been around us since we have existed.

In most homes, the pets that we can usually find are dogs and cats. Dogs are what they describe as man’s best friend while cats are kept as good companions and as animals who can look for house rodents. Cats are also known to be calm and quiet house pets.

These domesticated cats are always at the top three of the most popularly owned pets because of their charm and the easy bond that they can form with their owner.

Can you imagine owning one of these cute cats and you take care and love them and then one day, they suddenly disappear?

Meet Janet Adamowicz. She is a cat owner who currently has two cats named Ollie and Tessie. She has been taking care of the two since her tabby cat, Boo, went missing way back in 2005 at Harrogate, West Yorkshire.

Janet did not give up looking for her beloved Boo, but after a year of searching and posting about her missing cat, she gave up. Boo went missing when she was just four years old and Janet was so worried and sad about what happened.

She did not expect that Boo would not come home. She described Boo as an energetic kitten who loved the outdoors and exploring her surroundings but at the end of the day, she would come home. Janet did not know what happened to Boo.

But one day, Janet received an unexpected news.

After 13 years, Janet got called by a veterinarian that they have with them a cat that was owned by Janet. She was confused because her two new cats, Ollie and Tessie, were home. The call she received was from Pocklington, East Yorks which was 40 miles away from her home.
The caller insisted that the cat that they have was Janet’s and that the system showed that this certain cat was registered to her. The said cat was named Boo. That was when Janet could not believe what she was hearing.

Boo lived through 13 years and was in good health when she was found.
When Janet came to fetch Boo and got her home after missing for 13 years, the cat instantly recognized her. Now 17 years old, Boo and Janet got reunited at the vet and it was an emotional scene. Everyone had tears in their eyes at the touching scene.

When Janet took Boo home, Boo instantly got used to living with her mom again and she has been tailing her mom, Janet, wherever she goes. Ollie and Tessie are still getting used to Boo being home.Janet says that it was like Boo has never gone missing and she hopes that Boo is now home for good.
Take a look at Boo & Janet finally reuniting at the video below!

What do you think happened to Boo over the past 13 years? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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