Youtubers Explored an Abandoned Compound, Found a Homemade Electric Chair

People are in constant search for adventure. We crave the thrill of exploring places we’ve never been to and knowing the story behind them. Our curiosity brings us to different worlds and spaces. We are especially fond of these explorations when it involves mystery. Like exploring abandoned places to search for signs of paranormal or odd occurences. We have had so many people who make this thing a hobby and they willingly share their experiences that were caught on camera.

One of these adventurous people is Youtuber Adamthewoo who likes exploring abandoned places. He teamed up with another Youtuber, The Carpetbagger to explore an abandoned area in the middle of a desert.

It is a small compound surrounded by barbed wire fences. There were small buildings in the area and some wooden structures which purpose remained unknown. Above one wooden structure which is shaped like a satellite tower, is a rocket-like object.

Everything about the place is odd. But their exploration took another spin after seeing something in one of the buildings. There they saw what seems to be a homemade electric chair!
The two explorers were shocked and definitely creeped out with their discovery.

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There were straps attached to the wooden frame of the chair, and some ripped duck tape around it. There was also a circular headpiece attached to the chair which looks like the thing responsible in electricuting whoever sits on it. They also found a pair of pliers lying on the floor. Whether it was used to fix the wires of the homemade device or was used to pull someone’s tooth out, we might never know.

As they explore the compound further, they found another dilapidated building. They saw photographs inside the ruin which signifies that the place was indeed inhabited before. Wonder what happened to those who once resided this area?

The explorers then noticed white streaks in the sky across the desert. It looked like somebody were launching rockets from a distance. Remember that rocket-shaped object sitting on top of a wooden tower? Whether it has anything to do with what the two had witnessed, it was still an odd coincidence.

After the video was posted, some viewers said that the place looked like a location for a low-budget film. Hmmm. Possibly. But still, what an odd discovery, right?

Would you explore abandoned places like this? Share your thoughts!

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