Moi Posted Something on IG and It Became Very Controversial!

If there is one thing that any girl or gay person would wish that is to be with Piolo Pascual. The hot heartthrob is truly breathtaking.

He has been in the business for almost two decades now, but his charm and and looks seems to get better with age.

Piolo in undeniably still at the top of his game. His teleserye together with Arci Munoz, Alessandra De Rossi, Empoy Marquez, and jC De Vera is a consistent top rater in the primetime slot.

His mark in the show business cannot be erased. His films have already been considered a classic. And his unforgettable performances both as an actor and a leading man, has won the hearts of Filipino audiences all around the globe.

Well, if you’re dream is to be beside Piolo Pascual, then you will envy Moi Binene.

Moi is an overnight celebrity who became famous after joining Survivor: Celebrity Edition. He is also the personal assistant of Piolo Pascual for years now, that is why the two of them are really close.

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As his personal assistant, Moi is required to be with Piolo always, wherever he is. He takes care of him onstage and even backstage. He helps carry his bags and clothes and when there’s an emergency, she is also expected to act fast and accordingly. Moi is also close with Piolo’s son, Inigo Pascual, who is now also a heartthrob.

In her Instagram story, Moi showed her followers a sleeping Piolo Pascual while she’s giving him a back hug,

As expected, a lot of her followers are red with envy and jealousy. They commented that Moi is so lucky, while others say that their closeness is so cute.

Piolo has already been comfortable with Moi around. In an interview with Vice Ganda, Moi revealed that there are instances where she sees Piolo naked, and it just became a normal thing for her.

cuddle weather.. #charot!!

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