This Mom Thought She Was Already Pregnant After A Positive Pregnancy Test. Until The Doctors Found THIS In Her Ultrasound!

For ready and willing women, learning that you are pregnant is a precious thing to discover. Although carrying a child inside your womb is a total challenge for both the expecting mother and father, it all becomes worth it when the child finally arrives.

However, even when you expect everything to be alright, chances are you might get into something that you have never expected. Just like this woman (whose identity was not disclosed) who thought that she was carrying her second child with her loving husband.

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The couple was already together when they found out that the woman was actually pregnant. The couple was so happy with pregnancy test’s result. However, their happiness soon vanished when the woman suddenly fell sick not long after knowing that she was carrying a child.

Worried and afraid, the couple went to get the woman checked up. But instead of just getting her sickness treated, what the doctors told them was totally unexpected.

In the woman’s ultrasound, it was seen that it was not a baby that she was carrying but a non-cancerous tumor that developed in her uterus; this condition is called “molar pregnancy”.

According to, molar pregnancy occurs when a tissue that was supposed to develop into a fetus becomes an “abnormal growth in your uterus”.



The woman then underwent a surgery to save her whole reproductive system. The surgery was called full hysterectomy.

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