Doctors extract 600 nails from a man with an eating disorder

Most of us probably familiar with eating disorders. Some disorders are more common than others, such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. However, there are also those that are rare and peculiar, one of which is called pica, which is exactly what this man who ate 600 nails was suffering from.

According to the website of National Eating Disorders, pica is “an eating disorder that involves eating items that are not typically thought of as food and that do not contain significant nutritional value, such as hair, dirt, and paint chips.”

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In an article by the website DDUKNOW, a man who was known to have suffered from pica ate and swallowed 600 nails. That’s right, he had 600 nails in his stomach. Fortunately, doctors were able to remove them from his stomach using a magnet.

Pradip Kumar Dhali was brought to the hospital after he complained of having severe abdominal pain. The medical team conducted an ultrasound to find out what the problem was. To the doctors’ surprise, they found a pile of nails in Pradip’s stomach which were the cause of the pain he was feeling.

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It was found that the 48-year-old man had a habit of eating strange items, and nails seemed to be his favorite. Thus, the doctors had to remove the 600 nails from his stomach through surgery and a bit of magnetic ingenuity.

The doctor in charge made a small incision on Pradip’s stomach and subsequently used a magnet to remove the 600 nails one by one.

Dr. Siddhartha Biwas shared:

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“We decided to operate on him. It was risky as his stomach had become abnormally big and was completely filled with nails. But luckily it did not pierce the stomach. We partially cut his stomach and used a magnet to bring out the nails one by one. There were more than 600 nails inside. It was made sure that all the nails he swallowed, were taken out.”

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Source: National Eating Disorders

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