Meet These Celebrities Who Can’t Speak Fluent English! Who Are They? Find Out Here!

Many Filipinos consider English as their second language. English is taught as a large part of the Filipino school curriculum. While most Pinoy students have to learn impeccable pronunciation and correct grammar, these Pinoy celebs obviously skipped English class.

Here are 15 celebrities who may or may not know the difference between there, their, and they’re.

1. Alma Moreno

Erstwhile senatorial candidate Alma Moreno went viral for her awkward interview. The take-away in it was Alma’s answer to the question about effective birth control for the poor: “Kailangang bukas ang ilaw.”


2. Ruffa Mae Quinto

Sexy comedienne Rufa Mae is known for her crazy antics when she speaks English. She literally translates Tagalog to English, with no regard for grammar. “Go, go go!”


3. Ethel Booba

The funny and sexy Ethel once did a showdown of English translations with Rufa Mae. The hilarious exchange had host Arnold Clavio in stitches. Ethel takes Twitter by storm with her witty one-liners on current events.


4. Maymay Entrata

PBB housemate and winner Maymay was dubbed as the “Miss Wacky-Go-Lucky” of Cagayan de Oro. During her stay at the PBB house, Maymay often fumbled when speaking English, often joking about how difficult it was for her to do so.


5. Angeline Quinto

What she excels at in singing, Angeline lacks in speaking English. A self-confessed “barok,” Angeline probably just lacks practice.


6. Melai Cantiveros

Another PBB winner, Melai does not hide the fact that she can’t speak English well. In the morning show “Magandang Buhay,” she always starts a sentence in English, then continues in Tagalog.


7. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

World-class boxer Pacman doesn’t hold his punches when he answers post-fight interviews in English. He initially only said “I know” and “Thanks God” but has now moved onto more coherent English statements.


8. Melanie Marquez

Notorious for her English “quotable quotes,” former beauty queen Melanie once blurted out: “Don’t judge my brother (Joey Marquez). He’s not a book!”


9. Maxine Medina

Miss Universe candidate Maxine was consistently bashed for her so-called “trying-hard English.” She became controversial when she had an interpreter on standby but opted to do it herself in the last minute. It was quite a significant factor during her Q&A portion, frankly speaking.


10. Robin Padilla

True to his moniker, bad boy Robin Padilla is also bad at English. He gruffly speaks and answers in a mix between English and street-level Filipino.


11. Coco Martin

His “Yummy!” line on an instant coffee commercial sounded like “Yaaaaami!” when Coco faced the camera. In interviews, he prefers to answer in Filipino but he throws around a few English sentences from time to time.


12. Marian Rivera

Considered showbiz royalty, Marian was not spared from harsh criticism. She once blurted out, “I’m a psychology” during her interview and gained infamy due to her poor English-speaking skills.


13. Kim Chiu

Another PBB alumna, Kim was the unlucky recipient of constant bashing – both due to her perceived lack of acting prowess to poor English-speaking skills.


14. Angel Locsin

She might be famous for her role as Darna and was named as one of the sexiest women in the country, but Angel also gained a reputation for her poor English grammar. You can’t have it all, or so they say.


15. Sarah Geronimo

Singer-actress Sarah had us falling in love with her romantic comedies, but have you noticed how she always answers in Filipino? She finds it difficult to express herself in English, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, really.


It’s important to take note that being a good English speaker doesn’t guarantee success in the showbiz industry. It takes hard work and dedication, and these celebs have those in spades.

What can you say about these Pinoy celebs and their English skills (or lack thereof)? Let us know below!

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