This Guy Digs A Massive Hole In His Backyard. What He Discovered In The Hole Will Make Everyone Jealous.

Wayne Martin dug a gigantic hole within his backyard and his neighbors were all curious as to what is he going to do with that enormous hole in his background.


Wayne also got a container to put into the huge hole that got the people around him thinking that “Oh the hole is not for a swimming pool”. Wayne also hired a septic tank company to put the container into the hole and he made an allowance in every side of it.


A stair and sump pump was also built and installed in the hole’s entrance. It was then covered with sheets of corrugated metal to supprt the concrete that will be poured to entirely cover the huge hole on the ground.


The concrete was then covered by soil to let the grass and other plants grow on it. After the construction, only the stair entrance in the opening is seen in the backyard.


Wayne built a personal wine cellar in his backyard.


Watch video here:

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Via: Vinepair

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