These Are The Most Hilarious Celebrity Fails Caught On Cam In Front Of National TV

Amidst all of the rumors and scandals that surround Philippine showbiz, we can all use a source of light-hearted laughter every now and then.

It’s comforting to know that our beloved celebrities also experience embarrassing and humiliating moments. Moments like these shatter the high pedestal that we have built for them and shows that, at the end of the day, they are regular human beings just like us.

Celebrities are also susceptible to making mistakes. And just like any sensible person, they have the chance to learn from these mistakes.

But learning from your mistakes is sometimes not enough. To take things further, why not have a laugh at your blunders as well? It just goes to show that sometimes, even our most embarrassing moments can turn into a positive memorable ones with the right attitude.

If you’re feeling a little down today, this compilation of hilarious Pinoy celebrity fails is guaranteed to give you a good laugh!

1. Sarah Geronimo

In her many years of performing on stage, the Pop Princes has proven that she can nail both singing and dancing at the same time. Many of her performances are elaborate and exhausting, so we can understand if she sometimes messes up on the stage. In one of her performances, Sarah accidentally slipped while dancing and some of her backup dancers needed to stop dancing to assist her.


2. Rachelle Ann Go

This Kapamilya singer has had her fair share of cute on-air mistakes in the past, and she has her own classy way of handling them. In this incident, the singer accidentally slipped while getting down from the stage, but it did not stop her from continuing her performance. The show must go on, as they say.


3. Vice Ganda

Vice has a knack for making people laugh with seemingly zero effort. That’s why even some of his unintentional mistake look way funnier than they should. Whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction or simply a choreography blunder, watching Vice is definitely amusing.


4. Bea Alonzo

One of ABS-CBN’s most phenomenal actresses, even Bea isn’t safe from the occasional blunder. While wearing a gown, the actress suddenly slipped. Although not really that funny in that context, no one can deny that she was able to brush it off with style.


5. Julie Ann San Jose

Asia’s Pop Sweetheart gives her all during her performances, but sometimes her high energy can cause mishaps on stage. Fortunately, Julie Anne maintains her professionalism as she ensures that the show goes on.


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Source: Youtube

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