Check out these 26 celebrities who were proud to admit that they’ve had plastic surgery

It’s no secret that a lot of celebrities have plastic surgery in order to maintain their physical assets. While many fans focus on a celebrity’s talent (such as singing or acting) as their selling point, it pays to go under the knife in order to maintain that youthful appearance we fans are most familiar with.

These 26 celebrities have proudly admitted that they’ve had “work done” on themselves, as complied by GMA.

Find out which of your favorite celebrities have had plastic surgery done.

1. Rachel Alejandro – actress, singer

Rachel once revealed in an interview that she had a little botox treatment to perk up her face for her wedding.

photo source: GMA

2. Bryanboy – Fashion blogger

Also known as Bryan Grey Yambao, the popular fashion blogger shared his journey with cosmetic surgery back in 2016. He’s a big supporter of Dr. Vicki Belo.

photo source: GMA

3. Cristalle Belo – Daughter of Dr. Belo.

It’s probably not surprising that Dr. Belo’s own daughter has gone under the knife. She had a liposuction procedure done on her waist in 2005 and her arms in 2006.

photo source: GMA

4. Angeline Quinto – actress, singer

The OPM singer fixed a few details concerning her “sad-looking” eyes. She also had some liposuction done in her back and arms.

photo source: GMA

5. Gretchen Barretto – actress, singer, fashionista

Of course, La Greta would be featured on this list. Her luscious pouty lips are thanks to enhancements she had done.

photo source: GMA

6. Lani Misalucha – singer

“Asia’s Nightingale” had a few things on her body adjusted. In an interview published in 2014, she confrimed she had work done on her teeth, nose and eyebags.

photo source: GMA

7. Jake Zyrus (Charice Pempengco) – singer

Jake Zyrus is a slightly more controversial figure on this list. When he was still Charice, he had some botox done on his face courtesy of Dr. Belo. The transman singer took it a step further and embraced his new male identity by going under the knife.

photo source: GMA

8. Jinkee Pacquiao – social media personality, businesswoman

The “Pambansang Kamao’s” wife also had some plastic surgery done. She had some liposuction done to remove her baby fat after giving birth.

photo source: GMA

9. Maureen Larrazabal – actress, comedienne, singer

Maureen wasn’t too shy to reveal that she also went under the knife.

photo source: GMA

10. Pops Fernandez – singer, actress, TV host

The beautiful and talent “Concert Queen” once admitted that she her lips enhanced to resemble Hollywood star Angelina Jolie back in 2009.

photo source: GMA

11. Jonalyn Viray – Singer actress

Simply known as “Jona,” the singer once confessed that she had a nose job at 15 years old.

photo source: GMA

12. Phoemela Baranda – TV host, model, news anchor, actress

Phoemela had cosmetic procedures done because of her constant appearances on TV. She was reportedly quite thrilled with how the surgery turned out.

photo source: GMA

13. Lance Raymundo – actor, singer

The actor was involved in an accident while at the gym back in 2014. A barbell crushed his face while he was working out. He underwent reconstructive surgery to address that issue.

photo source: GMA

14. Aiko Melendez – actress, comedienne, counselor

Aiko has an active lifestyle involving diets and exercise. She did imply that she had some work done on her rear end on Instagram.

photo source: GMA

15. Nathalie Hart – actress

Nathalie admitted that she had breast enhancement surgery back in 2016.

photo source: GMA

16. Maui Taylor – model, actress

The former sexy star admitted that she had plastic surgery done on her stomach, chin, nose and breasts.

photo source: GMA

17. Vice Ganda – TV host, comedian, actor

Dr. Vicki Belo helped fix issues perstering the “Unkabogable Star’s” hips and underarms.

photo source: GMA

18. Grace Lee – TV host, radio DJ

The beautiful Grace Lee had plastic surgery done to make her arms smaller.

photo source: GMA

19. Beauty Gonzalez – actress, reality show contestant

Beauty admitted that she went under the knife to address the extra fat inside her jawline and chin.

photo source: GMA

20. Kitkat – comedienne, actress

Kitkat once revealed in a press conference that she had some plastic surgery done on her breasts and nose.

photo source: GMA

21. Paolo Contis – comedian, actor

Paolo had a few issues with his stomach he needed to remove. Despite his regimented workout schedule, he still needed some liposuction done to remedy the extra fat he couldn’t shake off.

photo source: GMA

22. Rufa Mae Quinto – comedienne, actress

The sexy funny gal once had breast implants to enhance her sizzling features. In 2014, Rufa had these implants removed.

photo source: GMA

23. Miho Nishida – TV personality, reality show contestant

The celebrity mom was compelled to admit that she had plastic surgery done after rumors kept pestering her. She had the procedure done to improve her self esteem.

photo source: GMA

24. Korina Sanchez – news anchor, TV personality

News anchor Korina Sanchez became an endorser of Dr. Vicki Belo’s “Thermage procedure” which is a skin care treatment.

photo source: GMA

25. Morissette Amon – singer

Simply known as “Morissette”, the OPM singer also underwent the Thermage procedure to address issues in her chin.

photo source: GMA

26. Xander Ford (Marlou Arizala) – social media personality

Of course when talking about plastic surgery, the name on everyone’s mind right now is Xander Ford formerly Marlou Arizala of Hasht5.

photo source: GMA

What can you say about these stars who admit they’ve had a bit of plastic surgery? Are there other celebs you believe went under the knife but haven’t admitted it yet? Share your thoughts, reactions and opinions in the comments section below!

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